Tir Na Nog

Judi and Susan

We were both working in Melbourne and it was Susan’s idea to start a business together back home.

Our dad was Irish and Tir na Nog means the land of eternal youth

We haven’t ripped each other’s hair out yet. We also live together as well. We get on pretty well, we’re a close family

Working with my sister we can speak freely and truthfully to each other and still be able to talk to each other at the end of the day.

We love Warrnambool, it’s a great place and it’s obviously growing. It’s good to be part of the future of Warrnambool.
Our customers are like our family now. We love seeing them come in. We call them by name as they come in and you recognise their voice on the phone.

It’ll absolutely look more attractive
It will help bring excitement into the city centre.
It’s going to be more attractive for people to come in and maybe spend the whole day.