I was previously in retail with Fletcher Jones and then went into tourism and now I’m back to retail and I’m loving it, loving the people interaction.

they’re just an amazing group of people that really feel like this business is theirs as well and we’re all one big happy family really.

Our customers are not just people that are giving us money, they are people that we enjoy being with and chatting to and being a part of their lives as well.

What’s really nice is that myself and my staff are all locals, we’ve all grown up in the area, we do actually know a lot of people. When you’re walking down the street outside of working hours you see people and you go oh, I wonder if he’s popped the question yet, or things like that.

It’s nice to feel that we are a part of the community as well.

I feel that it is probably one of those pivotal points for Warrnambool. I don’t think that people will realise what a benefit this is actually going to be for them.

I liken it to the Lake Pertobe development or the seaside walk.

I love the main street, what’s already been done. It feels calm, it feels confident and it feels like a space I want to be.

we as business owners and the community need to support the businesses as well while this is happening. And as business owners we need to be looking at our business and how we can improve it while this is happening. The Warrnambool City Council is giving us the infrastructure so we can run our businesses, it’s up to us how we run our businesses.