Power to the People

Warrnambool CBD consultation sessions.

Tuesday 20th November 10.30am and 1PM - Whalers Hotel

The City Renewal Leadership has organised for world renown urban designer and placemaker Gilbert Rochecouste to come to Warrnambool to help facilitate a number of discussions open to all traders to attend.  The plan is to create a clear vision and identity for the CBD, including the types of things traders and community would like to see as activations and promotions with the outcome forming the framework of a precinct plan for the new year and beyond.  Having an expert who has been involved in master plans and strategies for major areas such as Flinders Lane & Degraves Street in Melbourne, Darling Quarter in Sydney and Athaiba Muscat in Oman, is an exciting opportunity for traders to workshop ideas, give suggestions and collaborative on the types of things you believe will support visitation, activation and trade within your businesses.

Once the consultation has been completed Gilbert, the leadership group and Warrnambool City Council will work through the ideas put forward by traders to form a precinct plan for 2019 with the aim of reviewing the implementation of the plan with the leadership group throughout the year.

Who is Gilbert Rochecouste?

Gilbert is recognised locally and Internationally as a leading voice in Placemaking and the creation of vibrant, resilient and loved places. He is a sought after speaker and skilled facilitator for community and stakeholder engagement activities and has worked with over 1000 cities, towns, main streets and communities world-wide over the past 25 years.

Gilbert established the Village Well in 1992 as a value driven company that seeks to put people at the heart of all places and developments. Village Well believe that Placemaking is key in delivering a more inclusive and regenerative future and believes that all communities have creative capacity wanting to be unleashed. Committed actions derive from decisions that are owned by stakeholders. Collaboration can develop win-win outcomes for business, community, government and the environment.

What is Placemaking?

Placemaking is the art and science of making authentic, vibrant and resilient places that are valued by their communities and admired by visitors. It is a holistic, multi-disciplinary approach to planning and development that involves understanding the culture, qualities and wisdom of its community.

It involves collaboration between many stakeholders to articulate a vision for a place and to plan and deliver that vision. Placemaking incorporates and influences other traditional areas of place development, including masterplanning, urban design, social and economic development, community engagement, retail planning, arts and culture and sustainable development.

Placemaking benefits the broader community as much as it benefits investors, developers and property owners. Placemaking builds community goodwill, and gives investors and businesses the confidence to innovate and create places that people love.