Pinky's Pizza

Tony and Thomas

Being born and bred in Warrnambool you know a lot of people in the community and you support a lot of clubs and groups.

We’ve had the business for 15 years, and it was going for a few years before that, so it’s a pretty strong, loyal customer base that we have.

There are families that have had three or four siblings come through the workplace.

It’s quite rewarding, and now they come back in with their young families, so it’s good to see.

If anyone walks in the door and wants some sort of sponsorship we’re more than likely to help out, whether it be through vouchers or having a pizza or having a pizza night to raise money for them.

We’ll be offering a pick-up service out the back of our store

It’ll be well signed with little pink footprints up to our door. It’s just another option for our customers.

You’ve got to offer your customers the best service you can.