Mack's Snacks


"We deal with traditional foods. Our original foods that people like. We do our hamburgers from the original recipe, we make our own mayonnaise, we even make our own chocolate topping which most people don’t even know how to do."

"Lots of secrets would have been told in those booths over the years I’m sure, maybe even the odd marriage proposal."

"We’ve had generations of customers, some are third and fourth generation customers. So we see people with their children, then their children and then their children, so it’s great, we love it."

"We have quite a few elderly customers who come in here and we become their friends."

"70 years is a long time to be in one spot and we’ve done fairly successfully because we’re still here."

"We’ve opened up our back gate. So people can come through the car park. There’s free parking out there for an hour and a half. So we’d encourage people to use our back entrance while the works are happening out the front. We used to call it the tradesman’s entrance, and some customers where already using it."