The Hairy Goat

Cameron and Jade

"We both grew up in Merrivale together. We’re long time family friends. "

" I’ve been cooking in this town for a long time now, and this is where it all happens. There are other great businesses like Simon’s and the Pavilion, the Flying Horse out the road, but this is where the epicentre of the food is at this end of Liebig Street. It’s an ideal location for us, you’re going to be busy most nights of the week. This is what Liebig Street is all about."

" It’s similar to Lygon Street in Melbourne, it’s great."

" The other end of the street looks brilliant so I’m really looking forward to it being finished down here.
It looks really good up there, it’s a great for the town so we’ve got no dramas about it at all, we’re really excited about it."

Cameron - The Hairy Goat

"We haven’t had any glitches which is really good, and I think that only comes from the friendship and the work relationship that we’ve built over the years."

" The town’s been great, it’s welcomed us with open arms."

"This is the city hub. This second part of Liebig Street, the bottom end, it’s where it all happens. It’s where all the food restaurants have traditionally been and we wanted to be in the thick of it."

" It’s got a great little vibe down here on a Saturday night and it’s great to be a part of it. That’s why is was very important for us to not only be down here but to be in the location that we are because it fitted what we wanted to do perfectly."

"We’re lucky because we can see the finished product down the other end. We’re a bit different to down the other end where we can really capitalise on having the wider footpaths, furniture out the front. Come summer next year, I think it’ll be sensational to have that dining out on the street. Not just for us but for the whole strip"

Jade - The Hairy Goat