Tamara and Bundy

"Liebig Street in Warrnambool has been pretty good for both of us. We’ve both raised beautiful families. Bundy has become really entrenched in the local community. More people would know Bundy than know Fishtales."

"This is like our second home too and the people that come in are part of our family and really integral to our lives."

"It’s not just customers, I love the fact that our staff come back. We have these little kids start maybe at 16 and they finish school and go off to uni and year after year they come back and you watch them become adults and then have babies. It’s really lovely but it does make you feel a bit old. That is a huge part of it, the family of staff and also of the customers."

"I think it’s sees as a bit of an institution now after 25 years and we’re both really proud to be part of that, to be part of growing that is a wonderful thing."

"The world has changed in 25 years, so yes (the business) has (changed). We’re both firm believers that if you don’t change, you’re going backwards. You’ve got to keep moving forwards."

"When it activates it will be brilliant and hopefully something that will hold us in good stead for the next 50 years. "

Tamara - Fishtails

"I like the place, there’s a lot of friendly people here. I come from Sri Lanka and a lot of people are friendly in Sri Lanka, so it’s similar to that."

Bundy - Fishtails