I grew up as a young girl coming into my grandparents’ store which was Stafford’s the Jewellers, just two doors up at 120. Eventually I ended up managing and owning the store after my grandparents passed on.

I’ve worked in jewellery in town here for the last little bit, but with the closure of Thomas’ where I was actually the manager, I have made the decision to come out on my own with a little boutique store and share my experience and knowledge.

People have come in and said “I remember you and your grandparents” it’s a little bit of an eye opener just to realise how strong the connection with the community is to what was a very prominent family business.

Since we’ve been here, people have come in and said “I bought this ring 25 years ago” it takes you back.

It’s always nice to be a part of people's lives

I just love retail. I love the people and their stories and the connections

I didn’t even consider anywhere else, Liebig Street is the main shopping street and I think it will always remain that.

It’s got atmosphere and as the remainder of the street is completed, that will increase.

I just think that people need to jump back in and embrace the change.