Annie's Gifts


"There are people who come here on holidays every January and Annie’s Gift House is their first port of call. "

"That’s one thing mum and I have always loved, shopping together. So we shop really well together, we like the same things, and the customers are loving what we’ve been buying."

"All the staff have been here for such a long time. One of our employees it 80 and she worked for the previous owner. "

"Customers know her, they would come in because Pat works here. We know the customers and the customers know us. "

"Koroit Street is second to Liebig Street, it’s the second main street in Warrnambool...  It’s a great little shopping Mecca, we’ve got great little boutique stores and people love that. "

"We’re lucky in Warrnambool that we have so many little privately owned shops like mine, so continue to support that because that’s what makes us different. We all have a unique offering, so if people could continue to support that we can deliver on that and in turn it’ll grow stronger and continue."

"We’ve just got to stay positive and support each other. "

"It’s exciting to be a part of it. When we’re 80 and 90 we can look back and say “wow, we went through that change”."

Renee - Annie's Gifts